March EXPO

March EXPO:What a gift!

Purchase exterior cement siding or wood-grain fiber cement board, and give free matching screw according to the order; Purchase MgO board, and give free putty, seam sticker and screw matching spare parts one of three choices according to the order. More details PLS


Why people like mgo board

Now lots countries has strict regulation that in some public areas like Hospital; Supermarket; Office buildings have to use some fireproof building materials. Therefore, mgo board tends to be a very potential products in the near future. In the last year, the big fire in London made people astonished. If the buildings use some fireproof […]


Our Chinese Lantern Festival

Tomorrow is our Lantern Festival,It is the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration.This is the first full moon of the new year, symbolizing unity and perfection. Lantern Festival is an important part of Chinese Spring Festival ,and marks the official end of the long holiday. We wish your big family a happy healthy […]

new year

Holiday Notice

Holiday Notice: Please be informed that our office will be closed on February 2nd, 2019 for Chinese New Year. We will resume work on February 10th, 2019. Please place orders to us ASAP to avoid any delays on shipment delivery. Thanks for your kind attention.


Where is the trade environment going?

On December 01, 2018, when the Sino-US trade war was concluded and tariffs were no longer increased, Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s CEO, was arrested in Canada. This scene is the same as the initial ZTE violation in the Sino-US trade war. Has the Sino-US trade war come to an end or just begun?