Environmental inspections have caused great impact on MgO price

China’s environmental inspections will cover all provincial regions this year, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP). Inspectors will monitor local conditions and push local governments to fulfill their responsibilities, the MEP said. On August 9th, China launched a new round of central environmental inspections covering eight provincial-level areas, as the country finishes nationwide […]


“Low price for high quality” ?

Clients want lower price, Workers need salary-raising,the environment need more money to protect, the country needs more tax, the cost of raw materials are increasing, if you care the quality, pls respect the price. If you need the cheaper price, Pls accept it’s faults. “Low price for high quality” is just one marketing way. From […]


New products:Magnesium sulfate board

Magnesium sulfate board, also known as MgO sulphate board or MgSo4 board, is widely used in building construction in recent years, its biggest advantage is not to absorb moisture back to halogen, and there are many sources of magnesium sulfate, including the reuse of industrial waste acid.The main raw materials of magnesium sulfate board are […]

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What you don’t know about the Magnesium Oxide board?

Magnesium oxide board,due to excellent fire-proof, water resistance, not only can be used in ordinary housing building materials, but also in the use of pots and pet housing construction. Flower pots need to have corrosion resistance, and magnesium oxide board has stable performance, with good corrosion resistance and waterproof performance, compared to plastic flower pots, […]