Grey Mgo Board

The density of grey MgO board is higher than white MgO board,and grey board has better impact resistance,in pracrial applications,it can be used for internal and external walls and flooring.In many building projects,grey MgO board can also replace fiber cement board. Materila:MgO,MgCl2,Non-woven fabrics,high quality fiberglass,perlit and chips Edge:Square edge Color:Grey Apperent density:1.0-1.1g/cm3 Water absorption:10-12% The […]


Fireproof Red/Grey MgO Board For Floor

Size:1220*2440mm Thickness:3-20mm     LEADER Magnesium oxide board technical data  Density (Specific Mass)   1000 Kg/m3 (+/-<2%)  Compressive Strength   20 MPa (3,000 PSI)  Impact Resistance   >6 KJ/m2  Tensile Strength   >5.5 MPa  Moisture Absorption   26% maximum saturation (slow absorption rate)  Moisture Content   6%  Water Vapour Diffusion   28 / 35  Specific Heat   930 J/KgK  Thermal Conductivity   0.44 W/mK  Modulus of elasticity   6045 N/mm2  Flexibility UNI E 12372   20.1 N/mm2 maximum 12mm x 1220 x2440=10 N/mm2  Surface Alkalinity   10 Ph  Thermal Expansion Hot/Cold   0.01 mm/mC (from temp +20°C to -20°C)


HPL Laminated Board

Specifications: 1. Size: 1220*2440mm 2. Thickness: 4mm to 30mm 3. Other specifications available Face: HPL one side or two sides HPL surface: Matt, Glossy, Relief, Grain, etc Basic material: MGO BOARD(magnesium oxide board) Function: 1.Strong operability, it can be easy and convenient to compounded with decoration veneer. 2.Beautiful decoration effect and clean 3.Fast and convenient […]


MgO Perforated Acoustic Panel

Materials: Base material: Mgo board Surface material: black painting Back material: black non-woven cloth   Feature: 1) Bending strength: 15Mpa (GB/T7019-1997) 2) Density:0.9-1.2g/cm3 3) Absorbing water rate: 15% (JC688-1998) 4) Fireproof characteristic: A grade not combustible (GB8624-1997) no combustible (BS476 Part4) 5) Thermal resistance:1.14m2K/W (GB/T13475-92) 6) The corner is dealt with: Bright shelf platform/drops 7) […]


Fiber Cement Exterior Siding

Size: Length:3000mm Width: 615mm Thickness:15mm Product parameters Density: 1.25-1.5g/cm3 Bending Strength(Air-Dry): 12.2Mpa Bending Strength(Water-saturated): 8.0Mpa Anti-Folding Elastic,Modulus: 6550Mpa Anti-Imapct Strength: 3.6KJ/m2 Resistance-Weather(2000h): No obvious discoloration on the surface Anti-Freezing(25 times): No Layer,No Crack Water Permeability: No wet mark,no water-drop on the back of the cladding after 24h Back Bolt Anti-pulling: 6KN Thermal Conductivity: 0.19W/(m.k) Water Absorption Rate: 12.40% Asbestos Content: No asbestos Coating Alkali Resistance: No change Coating Stain Resistance(5 cycles): No change Coating washability: 10000 No change Anti wind pressure: 8 Grade Fire resistance: A1 Grade Install Fiber Cement Exterior Siding Advantages


Fiber Cement Board Partition

Fiber Cement Board Partition-Grey fiber cement board Main characteristics -Beautiful appearance -Good durability -Excellent fire-proof and moisture-proof performance -Cold and high temperature resistance -Low expansion rate,low shrinkage,and no deformation -Easy processing and fixing -Environment protection -Surface can be coated Product Parameters Raw material Reinforced fiber,cement,quartz sand,and others Safety No asbestos;no formaldehyde;no benzene Size 1220*2440mm Thickness 6mm,9mm Surface Color Grey Density 1.35g/cm3 Shape Tolerance -Edge straightness […]


Calcium Silicate Board

Calcium Silicate Board Product data: Name of product Density g/cm3 Rupture cracking strength MPa≥ Bulk density g/cm3 Thermal conductivity W(m.K)≤ Moisture content %≤   Fire resistance Radioactivity Fiber reinforced calcium silicate board 0.9-1.2 10 0.25 0.29 10 Incombustibility Grade A (GB8624-A grade) Conforming to Gb6566-2001 Aclass   Specifications Dimension:1220*2440*4-20mm 1200*2440*4-20mm 1200*3050*5-18mm *Other specifications available upon […]


Mgo Wall Partition

Zjgleader Mgo Board with the following advantages can be used as a partition: -Fire prevention and stop burning -Bear water and damp proof -Sound insulation -Keep Warm and insulate intensity -Green environmental protection Product Parameters Size:1220*2440mm Thickness:3-20mm  Density (Specific Mass)   1000 Kg/m3 (+/-<2%)  Compressive Strength   20 MPa (3,000 PSI)  Impact Resistance   >6 KJ/m2  Tensile Strength   >5.5 MPa  Moisture Absorption   26% maximum saturation (slow absorption rate)  Moisture Content   6%  Water Vapour Diffusion   28 / 35  Specific Heat   930 J/KgK  Thermal Conductivity   0.44 W/mK […]


MgO Sandwich Panels

MGO Sandwich Panel are an essential part of water managed walls. When water passes through the exterior cladding, these weather-resistive barriers serve as the second layer of moisture protection, deflecting water away from sheathing and keeping it from further penetrating the wall system. The wraps also serve as a barrier to air infiltration, improving energy […]