Dark Grey Fiber Cement Board

+ 100% asbestos free;
+ Environmental Friendly
+ Competitive Price
+ Excellent fireproof performance
+ Good durability and long service life

Product Name Fiber Cement Board
Raw material Reinforced fiber,cement,quartz sand,and others
Safety No asbestos;no formaldehyde;no benzene
Size 1220*2440mm
Thickness 6mm;9mm
Surface Color Dark Grey
Density 1.40-1.45g/cm3
Shape Tolerance
-Edge straightness +/- 0-0.4mm
-Squareness ≤5
Dimensional Tolerances
-Thickness ±0-1mm
-Length ±0-1mm
-Width ±0-1mm
Water Absorption ≤29%
Flexural strength 15 Mpa
Water impermeability Back side without water drop after 24 hours
Freezing resistance No delamination or other damages after 25 times freeze-thaw cycles
Flammability Not flammable

Belonging to non-combustible materials Class A1

according to standard GB8624

Radioactivity Decorative materials Class A