Mgo Board,Mangeiusm Oxide Board

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Why Choose ZJGLEADER Mgo Board?
-Outstanding fireproof performance
-Keep warm,insulate against heat,the sound insulation is of good performance
-Scientific prescription,reallly green environment protection panel
-Good performance of Damp-proof
-Toughness can do the proper modeling
-Antiseptic,protection against insects,defending ants
-Construction simple,easy and swift,easy to decorate,easy to cut,bore,shear
-Durable,have long performance life
-100% does not include the asbestos
-Applicable to other modeling to decorate for twice

More Color To Choose

White,Grey,Dark Grey,Red,Greed,Pink,Blue

Product Parameters



 Density (Specific Mass)   1000 Kg/m3 (+/-<2%)
 Compressive Strength   20 MPa (3,000 PSI)
 Impact Resistance   >6 KJ/m2
 Tensile Strength   >5.5 MPa
 Moisture Absorption   26% maximum saturation (slow absorption rate)
 Moisture Content   6%
 Water Vapour Diffusion   28 / 35
 Specific Heat   930 J/KgK
 Thermal Conductivity   0.44 W/mK
 Modulus of elasticity   6045 N/mm2
 Flexibility UNI E 12372   20.1 N/mm2 maximum 12mm x 1220 x2440=10 N/mm2
 Surface Alkalinity   10 Ph
 Thermal Expansion Hot/Cold   0.01 mm/mC (from temp +20°C to -20°C)


*Commercial building:Commercial mansion,public place of entertainment,market hotel
*Insustrial building:factory,warehouse
*Residential housing:New-type house,fitting up renovating
*Public place:hosptial,theater and station