Mgo Wall Partition

Zjgleader Mgo Board with the following advantages can be used as a partition:
-Fire prevention and stop burning
-Bear water and damp proof
-Sound insulation
-Keep Warm and insulate intensity
-Green environmental protection
Product Parameters



 Density (Specific Mass)   1000 Kg/m3 (+/-<2%)
 Compressive Strength   20 MPa (3,000 PSI)
 Impact Resistance   >6 KJ/m2
 Tensile Strength   >5.5 MPa
 Moisture Absorption   26% maximum saturation (slow absorption rate)
 Moisture Content   6%
 Water Vapour Diffusion   28 / 35
 Specific Heat   930 J/KgK
 Thermal Conductivity   0.44 W/mK
 Modulus of elasticity   6045 N/mm2
 Flexibility UNI E 12372   20.1 N/mm2 maximum 12mm x 1220 x2440=10 N/mm2
 Surface Alkalinity   10 Ph
 Thermal Expansion Hot/Cold   0.01 mm/mC (from temp +20°C to -20°C)


Aplicantion of partition wall:

1.Mgo board thickness is above 6mm,cut into regular size.(about 10mm lower than the height of wall)
2.Fix board on the keel with self-tapping screw in staggered way.The interval of self-tapping screws is about 200-250mm and deep into board for 0.5mm.
3.Keep space about 4mm among boards for shrink and expansion.
4.Pack the board from centre to surrounding areas,simultaneous is not permitted in order to prevent warping owing to inner stress.
5.Prior to package and fixing of boards,according to real demands,we can lay some glass fibre or rock  in the structure to strenthen soundproof and fireproof.