MgO Sandwich Panels

MGO Sandwich Panel are an essential part of water managed walls. When water passes through the exterior cladding, these weather-resistive barriers serve as the second layer of moisture protection, deflecting water away from sheathing and keeping it from further penetrating the wall system. The wraps also serve as a barrier to air infiltration, improving energy efficiency and keeping moisture out of the wall system. Plus they breathe to allow moisture vapor to escape, facilitating the drying process. Our comprehensive line of building wraps ensures you will find a product that is an excellent fit for your specifications.


Composition Face board Core Back board
Material Mgo board EPS/XPS Mgo board
Max width 1220mm 1220mm 1220mm
Max length 3000mm 1220mm 3000mm
Thickness 3~20mm 20~150mm 3~20mm
Standard size 1220*2440mm, 1220*2400mm, 1200*3000mm

Characteristics and Advantages:
• Energy-saving:
Heat-insulation and preservation, keep at an invariable temperature level.
• Easy installation:
Easy to install, convenient for wire groove and water pipe inbuilt, and casual for decoration.
• Shorten construction time:
For the same construction work, 3 workers can finish within 60minuts with this panel, while for traditional brick 12 workers 60 minutes.
• Saving space:
It can averagely increase extra 4.16 m2 area for100 m2 house.
• Saving cost:
Both labor cost and construction structure cost can be greatly saved, for it’s easy installation and light weight.
• Environmental protection:
raw materials do not include any harmful substances.
• High security performance:
It has higher anti-seismic and anti-impact performance than traditional brick and other construction materials;
• Waterproof and Fire-proof
• Sound insulation

• Floor System:
It’s much suitable for the floor plate of factory, workshop, warehouse, etc.
• Roof System:
Solving the problem of roof leakage, reducing the use of roof beam-column and improving security.
• Interior Partition System:
It has been widely applied to interior partition of high-rise buildings, with the advantages of excellent fire-proof, best hanging force and easy installation.
• Exterior Wall& Villa:
It’s widely applied to various modular house, low buildings, apartment, villas, and city house, etc.