Acoustic Perforated Panel

Acoustic Perforated Mgo Wall Panel is used Mgo Board as its substrate panel. After the magnesium oxide plate surface is perforated, glue the HPL plate, and then use the slotting machine to slot (optional slot spacing). Finally, tongu & grooves are made on both sides of the plate to facilitate splicing during installation.

Acoustic Perforated Panel Product Parameters:

Material Core  Material:Mgo Board Surface
Material: HPL PanelBack
Material:Non-woven cloth
Density 1.0-1.1g/cm3
Fireproof Grade A1
Bending Strength 8-15Mpa
Absorbing Water Rate 12%
Thermal Resistance 1.14m2K/W
Side Edge Tongue&Groove
Security No harmful substances
Size 197*2400/133*2400
Thickness 9-16mm