Exterior Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is sustainable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Fiber cement is a mixture of Portland cement, sand, water, cellulose fiber, and sometimes wood pulp. Its material is highly durable and comes in faux wood or stone finishes.

Fiber Cement Siding Product features

  • “ZJGLEADER” Fiber Cement Siding passed USA ASTM test and European CE certification,100% non asbestos,no formaldehyde and other harmful substances.
  • Fireproof,waterproof,mothproof,high strength & durability,sound insulation and absorption,”ZJGLEADER” products are applicable to all kinds of environment.
  • High cost effective,easy processing,dry construction,fast installation.
  • The diversity of colors and patterns,we can produce according to the ethnic architecture style in the world and also can customize designs.
  • Impact resistance,frost resistance,sound insulation,barrier strong noise,weather resistance,good durability,service life of 50-70 years.

Fiber Cement Siding Product parameters

Detect items Index
Folding strength under the natural dampish state (Mpa) 11±2
Fold strength after be dipped in water for 24 hours Mpa >8.5
Drying shrinkage <0.06%
Tensile strength on the vertical plane Mpa >0.5
Resistance to impact(500g hammer weight,12mm thick panel) Dropping from 1100mm meter, and has no penetrating cracks
Anti-folding elastic modulus(Mpa) >3000
Density(T/M3) 1.1-1.5
Thickness expansion coefficient(%)after being dipped in water for 24 hours <1.5
Fire resistance A1 level
Moisture content(%) 10±5
Clutching nail force >600
Heat conductivity coefficient(w/m.k) 0.19(density 1200kg/m3
Surface water resistance No change within 96 hours
Surface alkali fastness No change within 48 hours
Surface washing fastness >5000 times
Surface aging resistance No change within 1000 hours
Contamination resistant <15%
Sound insulation value 36dB(single panel)
Bend degree after water absorption Bend less than 3mm after water absorption
Water absorption 25%
Bond strength in cyclic test under the damp condition N/mm2 >0.3
Thickness expansion rate after the cyclic test under the damp condition % 1.50%
Ultraviolet irradiation >Has no change, no crusting,no peeling within250hours
-40°C The size and surface do not change after being frozen
Distortion performance under the wind pressure Third level (GB/T15225-94)
Anti seismic within the distortion performance in the plan First level (GB/T18250-2000)