Fiber Cement Board

Fiber Cement Board is a composite material made of quartz sand, cement and cellulose fibers. This product adopts imported pure paper pule, not included waste paper pulp. Fiber cement board is manufactured in a sheet form and they are used for interior and exterior suspension, partition and flooring application.The normal size is 1220×2440mm,thickness from 4.5~20mm, and density is 1.2~1.5g/cm3. There are low-density, middle-density and high-density.

Fiber Cement Board Main Characteristic

  1. 100% Asbestos Free
  2. Excellent Fire Resistant
  3. Excellent Moisture / Water Resistant
  4. Good Heat and Sound Insulation
  5. High Strength
  6. Stable Dimensions
  7. Durability and long service life

Fiber Cement Board Application places:

As wall panel, floor, partition wall system for the subway station, workshop, petrol station, tunnel, airport, nuclear power plant, power station, supermarket, hotel, office building, etc.

Parameters of fiber cement board:

Specification 2440*1220mm
Max Width 1220mm
Max Length 3000mm
Color White or customized
Density 1.25~1.4g/cm3
Water Content ≤10%
Fire Resistance Incombustibility A Class
Thermal Conductivity <0.3W/m.k
Bending Strength 12 Mpa
Radioactivity GB8624-2006 A Class
Asbestos 100% Non Asbestos