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ItemInspection valueStandard
Apparent density0.96-1.12g/cm3JC/T 646-2006
Fire ratingA1GB 8624
Bending strength8-15MpaJC/T 646-2006
Impact strength2.0-3.6kJ/m2JC/T 646-2006
Nail-holding power25-35 N/mmJC 688-2006
Absorption moisture≤8%GB/T7019
Dry shrinkage rate≤0.3%GB/T 7019-2014
Antiswelling effection≤0.6%GB/T 7019-2014
Chloride Ion content≤10%
Can be leaching out chloride ion content≤5%
Anti reversionNo water,Don’t get damp
Formaldehyde emission≤0.12mg/m3GB 18580
Radionulide limitedRadium-226,Thorium -232,Potassium -40GB 6566
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