Superior performance of magnesium oxide board

Superior performance of magnesium oxide board

Magnesium oxide board is a new type of multifunctional building material. It is made of non combustible material magnesium chloride, magnesium oxide, alkali-resistant glass fiber cloth, wood chips and so on as the main materials, processed by a full set of automatic assembly line equipment with special production process. With environmental protection, tasteless, non-toxic, non-combustible and smokeless, high strength and light weight, sound insulation and heat preservation, waterproof and fireproof, non-freezing and non-corrosive, expansion and contraction rate is very small and does not crack, no deformation and many other advantages.

Superior performance of magnesium oxide board

Excellent fireproof
Magnesium oxide board has good fireproof performance, is non-combustible sheet,flame duration is zero, 800 ℃ not burning, 1200 ℃ no fire, to reach the highest fireproof non-combustible level A1 level, and the partition system made of high quality keel, fire resistance limit reaches more than 3 hours, in the process of fire combustion can absorb a lot of heat energy, delay the rise of the surrounding environment temperature.

Light weight and earthquake resistant
The apparent density of magnesium oxide board is 0.8-1.2g/cm3, which reduces the building load and makes the weight of the inner wall of the building reduced by more than 60%, while increasing the use area by 5-8%. The light weight is good for the earthquake resistance of the structure, and effectively reduce the cost of the foundation and the main body of the structure.

Superior strength
Magnesia special 5.1.8 phase dense glass fiber cloth and good toughness of plant fiber, is magnesium oxide board weight although light, but the structure is close, good stability, not deformation, with wood-like toughness, in the impact resistance, compression resistance, tensile and breakage performance is excellent, rigid and tough, bending strength reaches 322kgf/cm2 (vertical) and 216kgf/cm2 (horizontal), impact strength It can reach 25MPa.

Environmental protection and health
Magnesium oxide board never contains asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and harmful radioactive elements, no smoke, non-toxic, no odor in case of fire. The production material is natural mineral powder and plant fiber, the production process of natural conservation, less energy consumption, no emissions, energy saving and environmental protection, the use of the board surface does not contain fallen powder, its unique natural fine pore structure, can regulate the indoor temperature, so that the living room and office more comfortable.

Heat insulation and energy saving
Magnesium oxide board uniform fine pore, dense, inorganic material characteristics, thermal conductivity of 0.216w/cm- k, more heat insulation than 1.1w/cm-k of gray sand masonry cut, saving energy consumption, so that the living room to maintain a comfortable environment, fresh air.

High-grade magnesium oxide board, stable and reliable quality, compared with other magnesium oxide board, has the ultimate cost performance, light weight and high energy, moderate price, excellent processing and installation performance, can paste, cut, nail, drill, paint, plan, easy handling, superior toughness, not easy to break, any use of self-tapping nails, gun nails and straight nails for light installation, more can use wet and dry hanging operation.

Sound insulation and tranquility
Magnesium oxide board superior sound insulation performance, to ensure the quiet and elegant living room environment. Light weight board thin does not affect the sound insulation performance of magnesium glass board, 6mm thick board sound insulation amount is 29dB, double-sided single layer 9mm magnesium glass board + 75 keel + 50 rock wool partition system air sound insulation sound is more than 42dB, its unique uniform fine pore structure is incomparable to other dense structure of magnesium oxide board.

The unique smooth and rough surface of magnesium oxide board provides functional diversity for customer use. Smooth surface can be pasted with wallpaper, aluminum composite board, finish fireproof board, wood veneer, PVC, can be sprayed with paint or latex paint, etc.; rough surface can be pasted with tile, marble, granite, plaster and paint latex paint. Magnesium oxide board has excellent affinity to the above materials, can be processed in the field for the second time, can also be used for the second time, can be 30cm diameter bending shaping and physical properties without loss.

Scientific formula completely solves the problem of magnesia moisture re-halogen, its strength increases with time, can resist corrosion, acid and alkali, thermal expansion and contraction change is small, dry shrinkage rate ≤ 0.3%, wet expansion rate ≤ 0.6%, with -40 ℃ frost resistance. After ten years of test, magnesium oxide board is strong and durable, aging resistance, long life.

Anti-insect and anti-mildew
Inorganic mineral powder substance constitutes the function of anti-mildew, anti-bacteria, anti-insect and anti-termites of glass magnesium board, which meets the anti-mildew standard of building materials in Europe and America.

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